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海外打球最重要的問題在交通/Transportation is key for overseas golfing!~上集








海外打球最重要的問題在交通/Transportation is key for overseas golfing!~中集

海外打球最重要的問題在交通/Transportation is key for overseas golfing!~下集

There are more people enjoyed golfing in overseas. There are some golf clubs/organization that arrange the golfing in overseas, but nowadays there are more good buddies would go together for golfing in overseas. However, golfing in overseas is necessary to take care the living and book the tee time, the more important thing is the transportation.

When you are in overseas, you do not have car to go any places and you can not just carry your golf bag to take the bus or subway to the golf course. Most of golf courses are located in outside of the metropolitan in Asia, if you do not have car with you, it's hard to take transportation to reach. Therefore, you will need to rent the car to travel the golf course by yourself. The car renting fee and related insurance cost are the important conditions you need to be aware.

In general, overseas car rent cost is not as cheap as the states and insurance is another cost for renting the car. You will need to pay the fee for rent the car and also the insurance . If you go by your own, it will be expensive to take care all of the fees. I would suggest to invite at least 2 or 3 good buddies to join the overseas golfing trip. This way, the costs can be shared and you guys can drive the car with shifting. With 3~4 guys of a golfing trip, it can rent a better and large car to load the golf bags and more space for traveling. Without the car, you can not travel to some of good hotels or local Airbnb apartment/house.

It's better to have one guy who is familiar with the target country and golf courses in the past, he can work out most of hassles and communications easily. If there is no one familiar with the local, you will not have good experience and result for this trip. Otherwise, it's better to do a lot of searches, calls and booking before departure. The other preparation is to have local friend who can help you work out all the booking and communication. Of course, paying him some service tips is needed for all the works or inviting him to join the trip.

Golfing in overseas is not a simple job, you will need to do a lot of homework, research and booking before reaching out the country. If the target country speaks English, it should work fine for most of situation but each country has different working process and charge rate, you must know all the conditions and costs before making the decision. I would suggest to check other's experience and sharing on the internet. It will help you know how things are able to go and what potential problems it will be?

海外打球最重要的問題在交通/Transportation is key for overseas golfing!~中集

海外打球最重要的問題在交通/Transportation is key for overseas golfing!~下集