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可拆卸式的零組件潮流/The trend of adjustment golf club!~上集

可拆卸式的零組件潮流/The trend of adjustment golf club!







可拆卸式的零組件潮流/The trend of adjustment golf club!~下集

Nowadays technology has improved our life and make products become easier to maintain. In the past, the product is one piece without other accessories or parts. If there is a problem, it takes lots of works to work out the issues. But now the product design makes things easy to maintain for the replacement. Since the company is seeking to increase the product repair and maintenance efficiency. It is easier for customer repair staff to work out the problems.

Let's see the drivers, there are many parts to make us adjust the club specification easily. We can change the head weight by adjusting the weight screws. Moreover, we can change the face angle, loft and shaft with sleeve adjustment. If you do not like the current performance, trajectory and feel, simply to change the shaft with new sleeve.

The irons should have such design and function for golfers to make personal adjustment. It's also fun for golfers to feel the differences with the changing of setup. With these adjustable parts, it's good for clubfitter and clubmaker to do the adjustment for people to try out.

It needs to open for public to purchase the parts and accessories. Currently there are many inconveniences for purchasing these parts from big brands. Generally these parts would change the design in every 2 to 3 years. Therefore, you can not use the sleeve to fit other models even it's the same brand products.

The clubfitter and clubmaker are the same, we have stocked lots of parts and tools for fitting various clubs. It becomes a nightmare for carrying many brands' products. In terms of business, to have various designs of parts can push customers to buy more and that's the reason why the big names change the design regularly.

The trend of adjustment golf club!part II