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木桿科技的潘朵拉秘密/ Right technologies to help you get the better result!上集

木桿科技的潘朵拉秘密/ Right technologies to help you get the better result!







木桿科技的潘朵拉秘密/ Right technologies to help you get the better result!下集

Nowadays the driver head has so many features and advantages we can enjoy. It helps us play easily and better. However, all the driver heads have their target audiences to fit the needs and requirements. If you get the right fit, you can certainly get better with your scores and performance.

Most of major golf equipment brands, their drivers are not one fits all, actually they have certain audiences to target. That's why we need to know whether or not I am good to play such technology and product? On the other word, it doesn't mean all the new technology, features and materials are good for you.

Some of my friends can hit the ball damn long with Taylormade M5. It's not just about your swing speed, power and swing, but the head inside's technologies are critical to fit your usage. There are tons of drivers in the market and it's kind of hard for average golfers to find the right one for personal use.

It's easy to spend over $500 for the driver. If you upgrade the driver's shaft and re-spec, it will simply cost you over $800 for a driver. It needs to be good otherwise, the money is gone for nothing. Some Japanese drivers with less known branding, the cost will be over $1000 without the proof. When you try the new driver, it needs to be good performances such as fast ball speed, and longer air time.

Good impact feel is just personal preference that doesn't mean the distance is good. That's why it's important for average golfers to pick the right driver technology in order to have good results when you play with your peers. Technology is key to help you gain the distance and that's something you need to care for.

Right technologies to help you get the better result!Part II