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為什麼沒有推桿路徑偵測器/Why is there no putting target path machine?~上集

為什麼沒有推桿路徑偵測器/Why is there no putting target path machine?





為什麼沒有推桿路徑偵測器/Why is there no putting target path machine?~下集

When you use electronic yardage tool in golf course, it's very convenience and easy to know the distance between the target and your ball. For average golfers without caddie service, when you play the course without your familiarity, it will be good tool to use. You would not feel helpless or no need to check the yardage information, and you know how to play and how far you have to deliver for the shot.

With the technology, it makes the game easier and convenient. But why there is no green target path machine for golfers to know how far I have to put and direction? It's the same concept and idea for helping golfers play easier with their own. Even though golfers know how and where to put, it's still hard to make the perfect ending of the hole.

That's the funny part as we know how to do then you can make the ball into the hole but in practical world, our body and mind are used to work differently. That's why it makes the things tough and complicated. It's like you have electronic yardage equipment with you and you know you have to make 150 yard for this shot, as the result, you are still short on the distance.

The putting path equipment can not help us make the put, it is still needed human to execute the put. The golf is all about controlling your body. Trying to bundle your mind and body together to deliver the best result as your expectation. That's the core for every golfer to fight for.

On the green, the green is not flat like a paper. Before the ball reaches to the hole, it may have up or down hill to make ball travel diversely. At the same time, you need to control your body to deliver the right power to the ball then it will result what you expect? The whole thing seems easy and simple but when you operate it, it becomes complicated and hard to make it come true.

Why is there no putting target path machine?~Part II