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桿子拆裝後的性能和安全性/How're the safety and performance of driver after pull out?~下集

桿子拆裝後的性能和安全性/How're the safety and performance of driver after pull out?

桿子拆裝後的性能和安全性/How're the safety and performance of driver after pull out?~上集







Golf club's safety is important issue. If you always pull out the shaft with the same head or your shaft pulls out all the time, it will damage not only the shaft tip structure and material strongness but the head neck and face. Since to pull out the shaft needs to heat up when the temperature stays the certain degree and time, the epoxy cracks then the shaft can be pulled out.

With such process, the graphite carbon material can not always be heat to certain temperature, the tip will be weakening on the strongness. Some clubmakers tell golfers that it's okay to do the pull out but they do not tell you if you do it frequently, it will have the damage for sure later when you play. That's why my golf club don't pull out, once I set up the whole thing, I only do the adjustment on weights.

Another key is the epoxy. It's extremely important for assembling the golf club. However, the cheap epoxy takes more time to dry and the flexibility is not as good as expensive or high end epoxy. I have been trying so many kinds of epoxies including the dentist using on the teeth repairing. It will increase the epoxy's loading ability and flexibility.

Of course, the durability is better than cheap epoxy. The other advantage for epoxy is the loading and feeling are good. If you would like to make your golf club become smooth feedback, to have good epoxy can certainly help you achieve. Of course, more expensive epoxy is simple be dried without 10 minutes. Lots of tour van clubmaker use such epoxy for their contract players' golf clubs.

In the end, assemble the golf club is ok but if you would like to keep your good feeling and performance golf club forever, it's better to keep it without changing. I know people are always looking for something better, but before you reach the better one, you need to keep the best one with you. If you give up the current one and the next one is not as good as your original, you lose all.