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長度越短的桿子,桿子的仰角/Lie Angle是非常重要/Lie angle is important for the irons and wedges!~下集

長度越短的桿子,桿子的仰角/Lie Angle是非常重要/Lie angle is important for the irons and wedges!

長度越短的桿子,桿子的仰角/Lie Angle是非常重要/Lie angle is important for the irons and wedges!~上集






With my articles, I have addressed lots of golf club length that could help you impact and swing better, the wedge is better to fit shorter for better control and strike accurately. Once you adjust the wedge lie angle, you will feel totally different on striking and controlling. That's why good players know to do the lie angle adjustment for good short game.

Of course, for mid and short irons, you need to get fit for lie angles with better performance and play. With my experience, after adjusting the lie angles for the irons and wedges, they feel differently and play better accuracy. It may be the small factor but it plays critical for the details and results. That's why short game needs to look the detail for improvement.

If your wedge head is upright, it will be generated more side spin due to the contact of the ball from wedge face. The face is not contact the ball correctly then the result will become hard to control and unable to flight to your target. Moreover, the back spin is not as much as possible for the lie angle without adjustment.

Honestly, the average golfers do not have outstanding distance like professional golfers, thus your short game and irons need to play solid and consistent. To do the personal and customized irons and wedges will help you get better result and perform better on the swing. That's the part you can gain the respect with your peers for the short game.