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Watters creek 球場+練習場!~下集

Watters creek 球場+練習場!

Watters creek 球場+練習場!~上集


這裡的練習球是Pinnacle,打起來算不錯,相對Callaway要舒服多了。擊球距離上有比較短。這是和球心硬度有關。但練下來對球和身體都算好。只是下次不要在週末來打,可以好好享受自己的高爾夫日。不過有個問題,它的打位空間比較小。比起Twin Creek和The ranch driving range的打位空間,它偏小。有點壓迫感。



There are golf repairing van onsite but not opening. Most of golf shops open during the weekend as it's the best time to get the sales and works. I do not think when they work as there is no note on the van. The two vans park on the driving range and makes the walking way is small.

Overall, I do not like this driving range, it's hitting space is too small and making people easier to be influenced. The golfers next to me are talking crap too much, I can not focus on my swing drill during the play. There is no putting green to play that is not good for driving range.

I think I will remove this driving range from my list as there are better place to play without above issues. The price is not much different but I would rather to go during the weekdays. This golf course has many golfers to play during the weekend particularly the junior golfers. I think there are small 6 holes with 40 ~140 yards in each holes. That's good for junior golfers to practice.

Moreover, there are 9 holes with 6 par 3 and 3 par 4 for golfers to practice your irons. It save your time to get golf easily and the cost is only 20 something. That's why its driving range seems to be the nice have without quality.