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最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!~下集

最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!

最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!~上集







I serious doubt that PXG is selling the golf clubs from their stores with display or demo condition for customers in recent orders. Since the order volume is boosting sharply and they might not have enough stock in their assemble line so they collect the parts such as club heads and shafts from the stores to fulfill the shortage. 

I know some online stores do the things like that as many online shops have physical stores as well. They sell the clubs with store display or demo condition with brand new prices. If the customer has no complain, they make good deal for that. If complains, they exchange or refund.

The company like PXG should do the honest business for customers, things like that is not equal to the prices and image. I can not accept my product and service got discounted. With such experience, I believe PXG will suffer some downside later on. 

If you are purchasing from me for shafts, custom clubs and other goods, I take full responsible to return, exchange or refund. This time I order for my friend and all I can do is to talk with PXG for the situation and try to get things done as best as I can. 

The key is to know which part has got the problem? That's all I need to care and work out. As I have been running the overseas purchase services for over a decade and if there is a problem through the whole chain, I have to work it out. 

That's why I always tell customers to find the right and reliable suppliers is most important thing instead of small percentage discount you have got. Online ordering becomes part of our daily life and to find the good stores and company to purchase is the job you need to do.