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冬眠的2020產品/It seems chill for 2020 products!~上集

冬眠的2020產品/It seems chill for 2020 products!~上集

又到了年底的時間,一年又接近尾聲。通常下一年的新產品都如火如荼的展開預售或宣傳。但今年很反常,因為往年都是在9月就會又各廠牌的新產品陸續都會又發表,或最晚在11月都會公布2020 第一第二季的新產品資料。但在今年都是異常的寧靜。






冬眠的2020產品/It seems chill for 2020 products!~下集

Generally speaking, the new golf clubs for 2020 should be released in the third quarter of 2019 or no later than December 2019. However, so far there is no new 2020 new clubs information, the whole market is silence for the whole year. That's strange and makes me think something else.

It's been over a decade that new products come out every year, but this year is different, in the third and fourth quarters, there is no new product releasing. it tells that the 2019 products are still as the current season models. The major golf club brands are acting conservative for 2020 market.

I think that's due to golf population declining for recent years. Of course the sales of golf clubs are not as good as past. In order to get survived for all the club brands, they are making the new product released time longer than before. We will see the products with 2 years of life cycle instead of 1 year.

I have couple of golf clubs expecting to purchase in the end of the year with holiday season, but when I add it to the cart and proceed to check out, it says there is no discount for this item. It's clearly telling me that 2019 products are staying longer. The discount clubs are all 2018 or older models.

Since most of customers like me know there is a discount in the end of the year for holiday season, but this year there is no discount for 2019 clubs, we are all disappointed and will not spend the money to get 2018 clubs for sure. It's these golf club companies made such policy and now they are suffering it.

It seems chill for 2020 products!~Part II