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Middle Bay golf course!~上集

Middle Bay golf course!


安排Middle bay球場,其實這個球場我在一個月前就打算來打了,但是那天週五我下午請假來打球,到球場後就開始下大雨,讓我不得不取消。所以今天就說來打這個球場,而這個球場就在長島的南邊,面對大西洋,風景也是相當不錯,有點links球場風格但不完全是。這個球場從皇后區開車過來約30~40分鐘,有點距離,因為沒有打過所以想來試試,估計下次應該也不會想來。太累了!

這個球場似乎很火,訂位也是都很滿。價格也在50~80間,看你選的時間。因為我習慣打下午,早上還可以送孩子上學,做一些自己的事。一個人推車打,下午2點開球。到球場直奔賣店check in,付錢。就到一號洞,已經看到同組其他三人已經在摩拳擦掌、躍躍欲試。滿得!我的媽啊,今天打應該會很累。


這球場的前9很難,可以讓我覺得是我在紐約這幾年下來,難度來說是可以排前三!當然像PGA比賽頂級的Bathpage肯定就是頂尖,有距離也有難度。但Middle bay是真的像台灣北部那種球場的刁鑽和挑戰。首先,它的第一個難度在球道窄,很像老淡水,稍微偏一下就在長草或ob了。我覺得我的開球準度真的還行,但有時落點是球道,最後滾到長草。因為它的球道會有點狗腿設計,會非常考驗落點位置。


Middle Bay golf course!~下集

This summer has hot during July, luckily August goes back to normal. The temperature is back to 70~80 something degree, it is better for golfing! Of course I book the tee time to play. It's been a month I have not played, get excited for today's golfing. I pick up Middle bay golf course in long island and take over 40 minutes from Flushing, Queens.

Actually I booked tee time a month ago but it was raining so I cancelled. I have to flag this course for sure and come back again to play. It's located south of long island and faced to ocean with great view. The course is links style and it should be fun without question. The tee time is 2pm and arrived around 1:40pm. There are many golfers in playing.

The first tee has group to wait for me, it's kind of stress for the first time with 3 golfers waiting to tee time. The management is well organized and there is one golfer carrying his own clubs to play and the father and son pair to play together for the round. I can play relax since father son couple is carting and for the golf course like that, I walk is hard to catch their speed.

We play white tee with total 6500 yards. The first 9 is tough with very narrow fairway, your accuracy is key to make your standard on the green. My tee shot is good but sometimes, the ball rolls to the rough and it makes the second shot hard. The rough is hard for amateur to get the ball on the green. I get damaged from it with short and pushed.

The second challenge is the small green, the green dimension is small and hard to land it. Moreover, the greens are surrounded by bunkers. I get into the bunkers over 7 times today, it's record high in my life. That's highly required your woods, irons with accuracy. If you miss, you get the damaged right away. This is the course without question.

Middle Bay golf course!~Part II