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所以對於擊球效能上會影響。以效能角度看,Urethane的皮薄大球心,都是完勝surly 球款。當然看每個人的預算和需求。如果你常掉球,球的費用越少會是比較恰當。


所以小品牌或台製球款,價格合理,產品就算差一點Pro V1都是可以接受。Titleist的做球非常細心,質量穩定性很高。價格高是有其道理。我對製造高爾夫球有瞭解,也知道哪些球款和製球技術的水準是有心得,對於哪些公司的產品是比較有信心。

最後,滷蛋球性能有沒有差?一定會有差。因為你不知道這球在水裡或土裡待多久?球表面和內部有沒有化學變化?我比較過全新和滷蛋Pro V1,在距離和手感上都會有些微差異。不是表面好好或一點磨損是最好的狀況。

當然我覺得如果買滷蛋Pro V1,我會買不錯的台製urethane產品。價格差不多,性能會比較穩定且到位。就算性能沒有全新Pro V1,但至少打起來可以穩定發揮。因為我還沒有像Pro那樣可以打到很細微差異。


The differentiations of golf ball covers!~Part III.

Of course, there are some details of differentiations, if you do not care the details, it should be good for you to save some money. I did study and research some multi-layer urethane cover balls, Titleist is still the best in golf ball. Other peers are hard to compete in consistency and performance.

In terms of manufacturing, inject urethane ball is hard to make in accuracy of ball centralization. Since the cover is thin, and one millimeter off center of golf ball cover will make the ball flight inaccurately and inconsistently. However, Trust golf ball (Taiwan brand) is good on injection urethane cover with my research. The ball structure is similar with Pro V1, but the cover is injected instead of casted. That's the impression from its injection technology and injection accuracy.

Casting requires longer time to cool the cover material temperature and it will drag the production volume to the minimum. However, the cover can make as thin as possible compared with injection urethane. But some Taiwan made casting urethane cover balls are off center with my research. Casting doesn't mean easy to make it thin, the production technology, molding, and casting machines are all important factors for the accuracy in production. It is still hard for Asian makers to make as good as Titleist standard and quality.

As a result, you need to get fit for the golf ball in order to play the best. Like the golf clubs, the golf ball needs to be your spec, your requirement and your preference. Not everyone needs performance and distance, if you can drive over 280 yards, you may look for better control, forgiving and playing feel. For average golfers, the right golf ball will help you play with confidence and save your misshot. That's why when I play with my urethane ball, I know what I can do and even I misshot, the ball still can stay on the field.

If your handicap is within 25, the bigger core with thin urethane cover ball may help you get more distance, more spin rate on irons and better hitting feeling. There are a number of ball models you can try including some brands made from Taiwan golf ball manufacturers. The cheaper balls doesn't mean it's less quality or flight inconsistency. Even major brand balls have the problem on off center issue in golf core and cover.

You need to try it, if the balls are not as good as you expect, cut it off and see what's going on from the inside of the ball. You might find something! You can check the cover thinness, core size, ball weight, centralization, and smell the core. If the ball core doesn't smell good, that means the material should mix up with other non golf ball ingredients. Since using cheaper material or mixed other industry's recycle material can save the cost of the core.

If you just cut one ball, you barely know anything. You have to cut two or more in order to compare. Of course, cut various ball models to check. It will give you something.

One last thing is used or refurbished ball, it's the way for saving your pocket but if you are a detail or feel sensitive golfer, going for the new one. Some Taiwan golf ball makers or OEM products are good in pricing. Used ball condition is hard to control and moisture may get into the ball inside to effect the energy delivery. New coating might make the ball flighting time less than before. Since the coating thickness is effected the aerodynamic for the ball dimples.

There is no right or wrong on the golf balls. If you can find the best fit of the golf ball for your swing. You do not need to care others' comments or opinions as they are not the person to play the ball. To find the right ball, you have to try many products, or find the experienced golf ball fitter? Or email me, I will try to share my experience and knowledge of golf balls for you.