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Everyone has the goal for the golf, but the simple mission is to play well. Many golfers know how to do the right swing, but practically, they just unable to make it right. The key of golf swing is to consistently work on your swing and there is no perfect swing.

It's hard to build up your swing in months, with my personal experience, it takes years to see the good result. Since there are lots of personal workout, stretch up and practices as the fundamentals. It must work consistently and become part of your daily life.

However, if you have negative thought or do not think you can't make it, it's the worst part. Having the confidence is the key at the beginning and trying to execute the thoughts then fine-tuning. That's how things work.

With my previous article, there is a message from a fan; watch it, know it, but there are 9 out of 10 could not make it. Instead of thinking, it's better to work on it and feel the problems. You will have more solid idea and solution after execution.

It's only the matter of whether or not you would like to do? I have been doing a lot of trial and errors in past decade and trying a number of solutions and discussions with single handicappers in order to get the solution. You need to spend the time to dig the treasure. There is no free lunch!

I do not have outstanding body and power, as a result, I need to do the excise, workout and practice to build my swing for years. There is no short cut for building your right swing. That's why I have spent years to build what I have got. Moreover, I know average golfers' common issues, since I have gone through it and there are solutions for these problems through my experience. If I can make it, you can.

The good thing is there are tons of videos, blogs and information on the web, you can find your own way to fine tune your swing with yourself. Even you have swing coach to help you, the coach is unable to know your problems spontaneously. You know yourself better than others.

I do not like to give up the things during the pre-stage. Without trying, I barely know the truth. That's why I like to work and feel the things. This way I know what exactly I am working on and further to find the best way for the solution.

Do not give yourself the excuse, if you can't do it!~part II





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