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高爾夫是一個思考大於一切的運動/Golf is all about thinking!~下集

高爾夫是一個思考大於一切的運動/Golf is all about thinking!

高爾夫是一個思考大於一切的運動/Golf is all about thinking!~上集


而且這個運動在下場時,更需要快速去思考和分析一些球場變化。同時配合上自己能力的判別,才能解決問題,得到最好的結果。 所以這是一個身心和腦重度結合的運動。而且不是打完球就沒事,想要打好球,就要去思考和找出自己打不好的原因和尋找可行的解決方法?


我會建議大家要敢去突破和思考一些對球具和動作的想法。不需要一定要依照誰或哪個學說或理論去做。放開這些束縛和框架,你會看到和享受到很多有趣和正面的經驗。這就是高爾夫的動力。 不是你今天打多少桿這樣籠統的表現。更多在你自己從裡面心靈上得到的啟發!


When are you playing on the golf course, you have to evaluate all the issues and factors quickly through your brain then make up the decision to execute. It's totally mental and body combination work. If you want to get the good result, you have to think which way is the best for you to deliver the right result? How to avoid your weakness and get your best work to perform?

In recent 5 years, I have been trying and working on things not under current golf concept or rules such as golf clubs, golf swing and accessories. With that, I am able to find out something good for me and average golfers. It enhances my vision and knowledge deeper and wider. Of course, there are many failures and mistakes through the trial and error, but it's certainly good for me to know which is right or wrong.

I strongly suggest golfers needed to try all the possibilities. To get the right answer is not the end of the story. When you try your idea, it's the cheapest and solid for building your own knowledge and experience. It's fun as this sport can allow you to play for life time. Handicap is not all for golf, you can explore more than that through your golf mates, personal experience and golf network.

You do not need to be the same with others, you can develop your own golf style, golf swing and golf knowledge. It's like Bryson DeChambeau who has his own golf style and knowledge. You can always change your way and idea on golf. There are lots of gofers like you who has similar idea and thought. Talking to other golfers you will find out more and enjoy more about golf.