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你覺得個人測試球桿是在室內還是室外比較好/Is it better to clubfitting in indoor or outdoor?~上集

你覺得個人測試球桿是在室內還是室外比較好/Is it better to clubfitting in indoor or outdoor?







你覺得個人測試球桿是在室內還是室外比較好/Is it better to clubfitting in indoor or outdoor?~下集

Most of golf clubfitting is in indoor room, of course, indoor provides the best environment for golfers without wind and weather issues. However, for me that's inaccurate testing result for the indoor with true actual factors.

It's simple for one question to answer clubfitting should be proceeded on indoor or outdoor? Where do you play for golf? Of course it's in outdoor golf course. We play golf in outdoor and certainly we face lots of issues and challenges on weather, wind and environment. You must analyze the whole situation then make the best decision or setup the plan to play.

Even it's the sunny day, you have to calculate the wind direction and speed for your ball landing distance. That's why it's fun for golf, since the challenge is different all the time and it drives you go further. Some issues are unable to see it, you need to feel it. That trains you to use all you have from your body to know how to play the best shot and make the best choice of your right club.

Indoor would not give you the fun and situations like outdoor. Clubfitting must simulate the outdoor situation as close as possible then the result will be validated or worth to consider. I have got some of my friends and members said indoor test can generate good result and data, but once he plays in outdoor, the results are so uncontrolled and different.

Different weather will give you various testing result and data. Humidity is the factor you need to consider when you play the long shot. High humidity will drive the ball shorter due to too much resistant of air traveling. The indoor lunch monitor can not calculate it for actual flight result.

The launch monitor is to calculate your swing speed, impact accuracy, launch angle, ball speed and distance. If you add the weather issues, humidity, wind speed, and fairway design, it makes the whole thing complex and your shot will be the different result in the end. I do believe the clubfitting needs to be similar with what you play in golf course then you are able to get the right and useful data to evaluate.

Is it better to clubfitting in indoor or outdoor?~Part II