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球道木也要超過43“嗎~下集/Do we need over 43" 3 woods?~Part II

球道木也要超過43“嗎/Do we need over 43" 3 woods?

球道木也要超過43“嗎~上集/Do we need over 43" 3 woods?~Part I


不管是開球用的mini driver/driving wood,我一樣都設定在42.5“。打的生龍活虎,爽度破表!因為我只在乎要打到甜蜜點。打到甜蜜點,就算短1”一樣讓球連滾帶爬的讓我滿意。這也是球桿設定的基礎。






Do we need over 43" 3 woods?~Part II

Even though it's driving wood, I can play it well with 42.5" 3W. I only focus on striking the sweet spot of the club face, that's the key for setting the fairway woods. If you can not get more than 60% of striking sweet spot ratio, it's better to look for the helps from local clubfitters.

To play your clubs with confidence is the key! The length is always the critical factor to effect your playability and workability. Of course, you can spend your time to get familiar with your woods, but you will have many swing patterns on various clubs. As a result, you would not play well for all kinds of clubs, since your swing is too many ways and it increases the mistakes and problems a lot.

The right clubs with fitting can help you maintain one swing pattern for all clubs in your bag. That's the best way to make your swing consistency and perform the best particularly for long clubs like woods. With my experience, drivers and woods are the number one and two for clubfitting and clubmaking from the customer's demand.

If you deserve to hit it solid and long with your woods, you have better to get fit first. Of course, the cost is high, but it's worth to invest on the long driving clubs. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot on mis-shots, off sweet spots and swing mistakes.

The other way is to try various woods and it will help you find the right club. But it takes time to build the experience of different club profiles. 3W is the toughest club to play and if you can work it out, there is no club you can not handle. Therefore, focusing on the 3W's length first, if you can not play well with 43", try to grip down to see how it goes?