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Playing 18 holes is long and tired for me now. Since the summer weather in Asia is hot and you are fighting with the terrible temperature and trying to play the best. That's why I expect to play 9 holes in Asia. It will be great for golfers to select and have more room to enjoy golfing.

Playing golf for almost 2 decades, now it's unable to golf in any condition and any golf course. Passion is still on but just need more time to relax and do the daily works. Sometimes, just trying to get swing to excise, but if it's play 18 holes for over 4 hours, time is too long for me to digest.

There are many golf courses allowed to play 9 holes in north America. That's good service for golfers to enjoy golfing with couple hours time frame. Golfers can still go back to work or go home to do family events. It's unlike to play 18 holes that will occupy half day of the time, or the whole day.

My golfing is try to relax and release the stress of the works, I'd like to make golf into my life so playing couple hours or one hour for practicing in driving range is good for me. But 18 holes time is way too much for me particularly summer time.

Now I play golf based on my body condition, weather and place. If my body is too stiffer or uncomfortable, I would change to other time to play. If playing 9 holes, it will fit my style and philosophy. Particularly living in metropolitan area, you do not have too much time for half day off or one day holiday.

It's good to chat with friends with drinks after golfing. 9 holes should make it become golfing options in each golf course in Asia. It should drive the golfing volume and population better than current. I believe people need this option for managing better time of a day. What do you think?