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球桿不是你需要才買,有好貨,好價格時就要下手/The best timing is good price and good product!~下集

球桿不是你需要才買,有好貨,好價格時就要下手/The best timing is good price and good product!

球桿不是你需要才買,有好貨,好價格時就要下手/The best timing is good price and good product!~上集







Sorry! clearance is only one time for such offer. If you do not take it, others will take it without hesitation. The stocks change every day and it needs to move quick without too much time for your consideration. That's why I place the order in one or two days after I have the clearance notice from my friends.

I am not short for the golf clubs or parts, I buy it for helping friends and also stock it for my future usage and sales. My other friends are the same, we buy it for future even though we have more than one set of the golf clubs to play. The key is the price of the golf club!

There are many books told us to grab the opportunity during the downside, how are we able to know the downside? You can see the market prices of the products, if the prices are already in half of retail prices, that's the indication for you. It would not let you think too much time for such opportunity as it's sold out very quickly. That's what I have learned from past.

Buying products is always the art! If you want to save the money, you need to do some homework and build your personal network to have the sources for product clearance. When the clearance comes, you need to move fast and you can get the deals. If you do not have the experience, you would not take the deal. Or you do not might to pay the regular prices for the products, that's all up to you.

As a result, the products you purchase are good for you and if the purchased prices are low, you can either use it or sell it for others. If you have such sense and experience, you can always have the chance to make some money for your habit and enjoy the good stuff as well.