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現在的球桿和20年前的球桿價格相比,有比較貴嗎/Is the current golf clubs expensive than 20 years ago?~下集

現在的球桿和20年前的球桿價格相比,有比較貴嗎/Is the current golf clubs expensive than 20 years ago?~下集

現在的球桿和20年前的球桿價格相比,有比較貴嗎/Is the current golf clubs expensive than 20 years ago?~上集







It's started from Taylormade golf clubs as they always discount for old models. Sometimes, the new products just are the market for 6 months then the next generation golf clubs released. Most of golfers are smart and not purchase the current season products for listing prices.

Now we look at the production cost for golf clubs, in past 10 years, the manufacturing cost has been increasing over 30%, since China labor cost has been up for over 30% and other costs such as energy, rent and shipping are all gone up. That's why golf club OEM manufacturers have moved the facilities to Vietnam to save the costs.

Actually the current golf clubs prices are lower than before. Or I should say we can get the golf clubs from many channels and sources such as online pro-shops and auction sites. Moreover, we can just go to overseas to travel and find good deals for golf clubs.

I would suggest golfers to stick on one or two purchase sources or pro-shops for golf clubs. This way we can build the relationship and they will reserve the clubs for us or given us better deal from time to time. It's important to maintain current customer's satisfaction and that's how online or offline marketing mission.

In fact, with my experience, the prices of the golf club is cheaper than before. We have lots of purchasing sources and dealers to consider in both online and offline. Sometimes we can go to overseas to see good golf club deals. With all kinds of purchasing solution, we certainly can get the best golf deal than before. Do you still think it's experience for golf clubs?