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2020年你有什麼想做、想買的高爾夫願望/What's your golf resolution for 2020?








it's almost the end of the 2019, of course we can talk about the perspective and new year resolution for 2020. Everyone can share your idea for 2020 in peargolf and I think people can provide some inputs and experience for you. That will be helpful to execute it on 2020.

To me, I would like to play more golf in 2020 and try to go to other cities or overseas to play golf. Trying to challenge different kinds of golf courses and enjoy golfing within my life. Since each golf course has its own characteristic and profile, you need to play it in order to know the detail and true experience. It's not able to know it through pictures or videos.

I have been playing various golfers in each year and Taiwan's golf course fairway and green are hard and not easy to drop and stop when the golf ball lands. But golf courses in China, the fairway and green are soft, my golf balls always were stuck into the grass. That's the differentiation and you need to play it in order to know the truth of golf course.

Playing different golf courses can help me build my abilities with observation, analyzing, and execution the strategy. If I always play certain golf courses, my strategy is simple and not flexible to fit different kinds of challenges. When you play different golf courses, your brain must think and evaluate all kinds of factors that will effect your play.

If you have such abilities, you will be confident to play all kinds of courses. Since you know how to save your put and try to make the damage to the least. It takes time and experiences to build. That's why I would like to go other cities to play golf in 2020. It will make my golf life better!

How about you? Do you have any idea of 2020 golf perspective? Sharing it and maybe it's something I can add it on my 2020 must do list!