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黑五戰力補給之一:Sun Mountain Golf- Prior Generation 4Plus Stand Bag/腳架袋!

黑五戰力補給之一:Sun Mountain Golf- Prior Generation 4Plus Stand Bag/腳架袋!

黑五結束,週末就收到訂購的腳架袋。Sun Moutain是我最愛的高爾夫球袋品牌。買過不少他們家的腳架袋,都不是用壞換新,而是它的腳架袋設計得很優,同時也耐用。顏色也是一大亮點!這次買藍色,感覺和一般腳架袋很不同,很趴!


它的雙肩背帶也是亮點。我買過不少腳架袋,Sun Mountain的雙肩背帶是最舒服。因為考慮要背球袋下場打球,所以這點對我來說是重點的重點。另外對腳架袋的一個關鍵在腳架。很多市面上的腳架袋都有支撐不好,很容易站到滑開。Sun Mountain的腳架是支撐設計好,同時可以承受很大的重量也不會開衩。

Sun Mountain球袋的結構設計是比較優!所以不管是站或腳架的方式,都非常的穩固。加上它最近幾年的設計和顏色用的很多樣,感覺這個品牌產品有持續進步。再考慮購買的動機是非常強烈。黑五特價就給它敗下去。


This weekend I have got my orders in this week. It's supposed to arrive in next week but got it in this weekend. Here is the Sun Mountain golf stand bag I order and share with everyone. I like Sun Mountain stand bag since 6 years ago with my first purchase of stand bag and it has been great so far.

What why I have been purchasing regularly even though my bags are still working fine. Since I have many golf clubs and it needs to have the bag to load it in my collections. This time I have Golf Prior Generation 4 plus model with blue color for sharing. I love the color and the simple design for this model. That's the stand bag's fundamental.

Of course it's like weight with 4.5lb, 7 pockets, waterproof, and solid strap. These are the fundamentals for stand bag since you need to carry it with your golf clubs and accessories to the golf course and driving range. These capacities are able to allow you load all your clubs and personal stuff. The most important to me is the bag construction that is solid standing system.

It can allow over 20lb goods weight to load it in the bag and still can stand solidly with my experience. For other stand bags are unable to do it. That's why I always pick up Sun Mountain stand bag for my lineup. Of course, the recent 5 years' bag design is much stylish and colorful. I could not stop my fingers to order it again over again.

The street price for this bag is $240, and I get it about 40% off including the tax and shipping. I do not want to wait until Christmas to shop since it may not have the color and model I like. That's the risk part when you buy things in holiday season. I am preparing the gears and accessory for 2021 golf seasons and it's the first item to share. There are more to come!