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年底到了,你的高爾夫火力補充時間到了/Things you need to get during the holiday season!~上集

年底到了,你的高爾夫火力補充時間到了/Things you need to get during the holiday season!



1. 握把:多數球友的握把在經過一整年的使用,有幾隻桿子的握把已經到了慘不忍睹狀況。所以可以趁這個時間去購買握把,然後再給工坊師傅進行安裝。不見得要全部握把都更換,把已經磨損的握把進行更換,是對武器保養和維護重要的環節。可以提升你對球桿的操控能力和舒服的回饋。加上費用上也不貴。是一項重要的產品維護項目。

2. 挖起桿: 挖起桿的使用多半都是吃土和吃沙。所以桿面很容易會磨光滑或被一些石粒給撞擊產生凹痕。對於這種狀況,也是可以進行產品的添購或更換新的桿頭來解決。當然在年底多數的球具品牌都有折扣,購買一到兩隻的挖起桿也是不錯的選擇。費用上也是不會有太大的問題或負擔。

3. 球鞋:球鞋是我最愛的產品。我幾乎每年都會購買新鞋。因為年底購物季,太多的高爾夫鞋都有不錯的折扣,實在心癢到不能自拔。所以就給它敗下去。這些球鞋品牌都會有折扣,平時原價買不下手,現在都手癢到手機直接給它滑下去。我通常都會有2款左右的目標去選購,看看到時的折扣哪邊好就給他手機點下去。


年底到了,你的高爾夫火力補充時間到了/Things you need to get during the holiday season!~下集

Holiday season is arriving, the first online and store discount are on fire. The Black Friday now is on and if you have some targets to buy, it's better to get ready and have some online/offline stores to check before it's gone.

I like to purchase my golf gears and accessories during the black Friday/Thanksgiving discount season. Since if you would like to wait until the Christmas to buy? It's highly possibility that your targets are gone. Since most of the products have the sizes, colors, and specifications, if you pass the right timing to get it, you won't be able to have it with deep discount.

I do not like to go to the store for Black Friday event particularly the pandemic, I would rather use the computer or cell phone to make the purchases. It's easier and safe to get all your needs with the finger tip. Now here are the things I believe and recommend for golfers to consider during the holiday season.

1. Grips : I do believe most of the golfers grips are having damages or scratches. It's a good time that you can get the new grips to replace the current grips. Changing the grips can provide you good feel of the swing impact, but also give you great control for your golf clubs. That's why it's important gear for you to replace.

The grips are not going to cost you lots, it's affordable and you can purchase certain volume with deep discount from online golf stores. You can consider to purchase the whole year grip replacement and get the discount at this time. You can replace by yourself or go to the golf workshop to ask for expertise to replace. It won't cost you too much on labor fee.

2. Wedges : I would say wedge is the most usage and easier to make the club face smooth. That's why you need to consider to get the new wedge during the discount season. Wedge is not going to cost you big money compared with woods or putter. However, to have a new wedge is good for you to save some shots and you can chip it nice and sharp on the green.

Things you need to get during the holiday season!~Part II