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買golf裝備,你去對地方了嗎/The right place to shop for your golf goods?~下集

買golf裝備,你去對地方了嗎/The right place to shop for your golf goods?







Arm sleeve is must-have for summer gear, it can protect your skin without burning. I used to check this product in sporting chain stores since there are various selections. You can buy it during the discount such as memorial day, It's what I plan to shop with discount.

The next item is the boonie bucket hat that is my preference for summer. Since it's soft feel and light weight features with UV protection and better coverage for sun. Or I will check visor hat for summer. These two hats are the summer options. It's better to order online and these two items don't have many selections in store. If you like to check more styles and colors, ordering online is the best way.

I like to order online and pick up at the store because I do not stay home all the time and if the delivery drops off the door, it may steal by people. Meanwhile, for the sunglass, I do not purchase regularly since I stick with what I have.

The other item is hydration stainless bottle that Keeps cold drinks cold up to 24 hours. It's very usual feature during the summer with hot temperature. It's good to drink cold drinks in the middle of play, since the stainless bottle is heavy and you will need to have the cart to load it.

Now the Taxes is back to normal life and people are not wearing the mask outside. I think the stores are getting busy to embrace shoppers. Most residents got the vaccines and if you want to take the shot, you can book easily without problem. Taxes is golf paradise, there are tons of golf accessories, gears and selections. You will like it for sure.