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你覺得市面上有關高爾夫雜誌內容對你有用嗎/Is it useful for golf related magazines?~下集

你覺得市面上有關高爾夫雜誌內容對你有用嗎/Is it useful for golf related magazines?

你覺得市面上有關高爾夫雜誌內容對你有用嗎/Is it useful for golf related magazines?~上集








Once you are in advanced stage for golf, you need more information, and knowledge on golf gears particularly for some unknown Japanese golf equipments. These shafts, golf club heads and accessories are all expensive and embedded special technology or materials. However, there was no right books or magazines to discuss.

I am glad I know Japanese so I check Japanese golf magazines to know a number of local brands and stories. I was monthly checking and buying the Japanese related golf magazines in order to know the special products' information, specification and reviews. You can only find Japanese golf's magazines for such useful content.

However, there are many Japanese golf's magazines for golfers to check, some are specialized in professional golfers interviews, golf swing and golf course introduction, and the others are focusing on golf club reviews, workshops and customization of personal golf gears. You definitely can find the right magazine for your demand but you need to know Japanese first.

Due to internet and Youtube, reading books and magazines are becoming old fashion but I like to write as the words are able to express various thoughts for users. Of course, the video is fast and direct way for people to know the things but it's not sexy and tasty for reading it.

Thinking is very important on golf as you always need to ask yourself which way, which golf club and what play should be the best for you? Before the shot and after the shot, you have to setup the solution and think. That's why reading is very important to build your ability of the thinking solution.

It's not easy to get the helpful and good golf content nowadays even though we have lots of ways to get the information. If you can not find the right content for you on golf, why not to talk with your golf buddies? you may get some useful information and knowledge from them.