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Coronavirus衝擊下,對銷售和購買行為的影響/How’s the sale and purchase behavior with Covid 19 impact? ~上集

Coronavirus衝擊下,對銷售和購買行為的影響/How’s the sale and purchase behavior with Covid 19 impact?







Coronavirus沖擊下,對銷售和購買行為的影響/How’s the sale and purchase behavior with Covid 19 impact? ~下集

2020 is going to be ended soon. Since covid 19 impact, it changes our life and we still have no medicine for covid. Now we are unable to go back to our normal life and the social distance with mask is the way for current situation.

Taiwan has good control for covid but the states have been impact. Now we are having the second wave of the pandemic, if we do not wear the mask, wash the hands and keep the social distance. The store needs to control the volume of the shoppers and it makes people are waiting outside. That’s why it’s better to stay home without too many people to be safe for your daily life.

Of course, it benefits to the online stores and delivery companies as people can order foods, things and service through the cell phones, and computers. But not everything can be bought through online or I used to check things from the stores in order to know exactly the product’s feel and features. Moreover, the store has good discount that is better than online stores.

There are many local stores are closing or forcing to close the business because the sales are dropped down sharply. Since the physical store has inventory to carry with the sales and customers drop, they are unable to keep up the business for surviving.

Honestly the off line stores are part of our life as people love to talk, watch and feel the things in the store. That’s the thing online store can not compete. For example, I like to try the shoes personally in the store then decide what model and size to purchase. If I go for online store, I have high percentage to make the wrong purchase and wrong size later on. That’s why if. I can get it in the store, I would rather go for the store instead of online.

How’s the sale and purchase behavior with Covid 19 impact? ~Part II