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高爾夫的設備就是沒有標準化的運動/There is no standard in golf equipments!~下集

高爾夫的設備就是沒有標準化的運動/There is no standard in golf equipments!

高爾夫的設備就是沒有標準化的運動/There is no standard in golf equipments!~上集








Products, equipment and accessories are able to be standardized. It will be good for end-users and operation staff to maintain the good quality of services and products. If there is no standardization of product and service, it will result many uncertainty, grey area, and un-expectation.

It's easier to see such situation in clubfitting service, since clubfitter is not professional and less experienced, the result of the custom clubs are always not golfers' expectation and hard to handle. The fitter would always tell you that it's your personal swing issue instead of incorrect club specification and wrong recommendation.

The fun thing is if my golf swing is perfect, I would not need to ask for the custom clubs or custom fitting solution. Golfers try to find the better ways for working his swing problem through clubfitting and custom clubs. As as result, to find a qualified and skilled clubfitter is very important for golfers. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of your time and money but the clubs are still not worked for you.

Even the new golfer can have custom clubs. I have heard many golfers said it's better to have stable swing then to find the clubfitter for custom clubs. That's totally incorrect idea. Any one and any skill level of golfers can get the custom clubs through qualified and skilled clubfitters. It's nothing about the golfing experience and swing level.

The key is to know golfer's body and swing profiles then based on its requirement, characteristic and profile to recommend the right products and build the appropriate club specification. Most of incapable clubfitter/clubmakers always tell you fancy store and over promised, eventually the result is hard to meet golfer's expectation and requirements.

A qualified clubfitter can make things measurable and evaluated. Before it, clubfitter needs to know golfers first then use the comparison to be the standard for performance and feel. This way is the best to allow golfers know what is going to get and result.

Finally, another key for golfers to avoid unqualified clubfitters is to build more golf club experience and knowledge. When you know more about the golf clubs, you will be able to evaluate the clubfitter's qualification and expertise. You won't be fooled around!