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高爾夫是訓練做抉擇的最好方式/Golf is the best way to build your decision making!~下集

高爾夫是訓練做抉擇的最好方式/Golf is the best way to build your decision making!

高爾夫是訓練做抉擇的最好方式/Golf is the best way to build your decision making!~上集







My mission is to use something I am confident with solid shot! I sounds easy but it's not easy at all when you execute. Even though I miss the shot, I still can deliver the ball to the distance I need. The next shot can use wedge to land on the green. That's why I keep my strategy simple and easy!

My tempo in golf course is fast since I am familiar with all my procedure. My body can easily operate the whole thing before making the shot. That's why my playing tempo is quick without hesitation since I am good on the whole thing with my observations on everything and evaluate which approach I can execute with my best.

If your golf experience is less than 5 years, it's hard to catch with these people who are work things easily and nicely. They have been doing the golf for over a decade, they know what to do and how to do so everything is under their control. I was trying to catch up with them but they can make the ball landed on the green without problem, but my ball is in the water.

We do not see these people's hard work behind the scene, but I know I have been gone through the hard work and still keeping daily workout to maintain the body power and swing consistency. It's not easy and that's why they can perform so good in front of the golfers. I do believe it takes time to build your playing tempo and procedure. It will help you get into the whole situation easily and quickly.

The last thing is to keep your mission and goal as simple as possible. Do not think something complex or hard to reach with your ability. Most of average golfers are thinking too much and pretending you like professional golfers. Being realistic and understand what you can do then focus on your shot to make it work! It's workable.